About Me


I believe that healthy eating does NOT have to mean tasteless or boring or going without some of life’s greatest pleasures.

I believe that we can have the best of both worlds.  Delicious fluffy pancakes or vanilla cupcakes should be enjoyed now and then, we have just made them a little bit better for you, by removing the refined sugar and replacing it with Glucose which the body knows how to use.

My main goal in the meals I make for myself and my family is to include as much nutrition as I possible can, while still tasting delicious.   I hope you and your family will enjoy some of these recipes as much as we do.

I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful children, Ava age 9 and Will age 5.

We live in our little “piece of paradise” on 21 acres in New Zealand.   We share our lives with our  golden retriever dog Belle (our third child), 3  horses, 2 alpaca and 7 free range chickens ( the BEST eggs EVER)  I’m also lucky enough to have space for my own large vegetable garden and orchard.

I’ve lived in London, Canada and visited many beautiful places around the world…. and had the pleasure of tasting many different culinary delights that these countries have to offer.

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